Powerful and reliable

Japanese technology guarantees excellent quality for aftermarket use

Powerful and reliable

Craftsmanship and perfection, especially in the tech world, is the best profile that Japan has to demonstrate to the rest of the world. A profile that as a nation is obsessed with for decades.

The perfection of GS Battery

It is not a surprise that the new series of GS batteries have all the characteristics associated with Japanese perfection. The reliability and high efficiency levels throughout the life of GS batteries come as standard. The build quality for each product line is a testament to the true values of Japanese technology.

Always powerful

The powerful new series developed specifically for the aftermarket includes the new TITAN and TITAN AGM batteries for cars and light trucks. This series, along with the special Japanese type series and the traditional type series will cover over 99% of the vehicle fleet in Europe. The lineup also includes the impressive HERCULES and NEPTUNE batteries, ideal for heavy duty use, agricultural and construction vehicles, recreational vehicles and applications and marine applications.