Founded in 1977 with the initial purpose of manufacturing lead acid batteries, from the smallest type to the most advanced battery pack.

Today, relying on its skilled workforce and cutting edge technology, the company conducts quality control on all of its marketed products (ISO 9001:2015 quality certification).

Since 1992, G.J ROUSSAKIS SA is responsible, in the Greek market, for the exclusive representation and products distribution ofACDelco, a brand belonging to the largest automobile manufacturer in the world General Motors Corp.

By becoming the official distributor of Yuasa Batteries GmbH (VRLA batteries) and GS batteries (cars - boats - truck) in 1999 and 2010 respectively, the company further expanded its automotive batteries division. G.J ROUSSAKIS SA gradually started the development of a long list of well-known international companies, officially representing them and their products in Greece and abroad.

«The daily investment in the organization of a company in control and quality assurance systems and cutting¬edge technology is an essential requirement for the company’s and its partner’s business wellbeing»

George Roussakis

CEO & Managing Director

Over the last few years, G.J ROUSSAKIS SA has added new companies in its list of associates: Ctek Sweden AB, specializing in battery chargers, B & P with VRLA batteries, motorcycle & specialized applications for panels and photovoltaic systems and finally Montague Corporation, manufacturing bicycles, thus expanding further the company’s commercial orientations.

In 2011, G.J ROUSSAKIS SA becomes the master distributor of Trojan Batteries, the largest and most advanced Deep Cycle battery manufacturer in the world.

In its many years of experience in the battery segment, G.J ROUSSAKIS SA has added its excellent expertise and a broad range of products, thus constituting a company with global activities and a dynamic profile. The integrated support of its products and customers transformed the company into a key supplier to a large number of established companies in Greece, Europe and Middle East.

Our goal

Maintaining and strengthening our leading position in the representation and distribution of batteries, in Greece and abroad.

Our vision

Providing integrated services and solutions with the help of our products and the in-depth knowledge of our highly trained technical staff.

Our values

  • Credibility
  • An ongoing effort to improve the quality of our services
  • Building trust relationships with our partners
  • Understanding the needs of our partners
  • Reciprocity

Key features that distinguish G.J ROUSSAKIS SA

  • In-depth knowledge of products and technologies
  • Collaboration with leading manufacturers abroad
  • Using cutting edge technology
  • Supporting our partners in all product stages (delivery, service and competitive pricing)
  • Wide range of products, covering all our partners needs

Company profile


Become part of a dynamic team

In G.J. ROUSSAKIS SA, we consider that our people constitute the most important factor for the development of the company. Our desire is to constantly create new career opportunities. Within this framework, one of the most basic tasks is to attract the best candidates for employment in the company, with the highest possible standards for each job description. In G.J. ROUSSAKIS SA, we seek for collaborators that are capable to adopt out culture, to believe in our visions and to evolve through the constant changes and challenges that occur in the rapidly developing batteries market segment. Our intention is to include in our workforce  flexible individuals with positive thinking, self-confidence and ideas that can be transformed into action. We are ready to welcome responsible and vigorous individuals with a cooperative spirit, that are either attempting  their first professional steps or they already have many years of working experience. What matters the most is the concentration to the principles and virtues of G.J. ROUSSAKIS SA.