Club Roussakis

Partners Loyalty Program

G.J. ROUSSAKIS SA’s desire is to further strengthen the long-term relationship of trust with you, our partners. Therefore, we created a partners loyalty program called Club Roussakis.
We know very well that every partner has different needs and requirements. For that reason, we designed this new loyalty program in order to offer you the rewards and the privileges that you really need.
We selected for you a wide variety of gifts that cover a wide range of points and product categories, so that you can redeem on useful gifts.
So start now collecting your points and redeem them to claim the gift that you really like!

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Partners Loyalty Program Club Roussakis


With Club Roussakis, our Partners Loyalty Program you can win amazing gifts in 3 simple steps!

Step 1

Every € counts

We at G.J. ROUSSAKIS SA want your every € to count. For that reason, for every 1€ you spent on our company's products, we reward you with 1 point.

Step 2

Choose your gift

Through the pages of Club Roussakis brochure you can find a wide variety of products, in order to choose the one that you like the most.

Step 3

Order your gift

Contact us, inform us about the gift of your choice and it will be yours within a few days. So fast, so easy, so simple.